Production Brief:

Pram Ang started in August 2013 with the first short film of the total five, "A Moment". The project has been initiated by two 4K core members, Sithen SUM and Rithea PHICHITH. Rithea himself directed "A Moment". Later on, the pair gathered another 4 directors: Wathanak HAN ("Veasna"), Bunhom CHHORN ("Pros Thom"), Polen LY ("Red Ink") and Sipheng LIM ("Vattanac"). They all have different stories, yet in common focus on Cambodian children.

The startup funding was the leftover from previous projects and a private benefactor donated $1,000 to kick-start the whole project the following month. Later on, the team approached World Vision Cambodia, whose main mission is two-folded: to promote child education and eradicate child labor. The NGO sponsored Pram Ang another $5,000, which made the shooting of the remaining four short films possible and completed in August 2014. Given financial shortage for post-production, 4K launched an aggressive series of fundraisers (offline and online). This resulted in around $4,000, enough to cover extra shooting, sound mixing, color-grading.

After shooting completion, the trailers were also shown to Cambodia Film Commission, which eventually allowed 4K to premiere this new film in Cambodia International Film Festival 2014. Thus, the official premiere will take place on December 07th, at Chaktomuk Theater, with expectations of reaching more local screens and international film festival, after another round of film fine-tuning.


Pram Ang is a feature drama film (75 minutes), made of five different short films, directed by five Cambodian filmmakers. Needless to say, each story focuses on the life path of a Cambodian troubled kid. Our professional goal to produce this film is to encourage local emerging talents to showcase their original works to local and international film stakeholders. Our social goal is to highlight Cambodian children's lives, often ignored on the big screen. As our log-line says, little lives reflect big causes. Which means their lives and future depend on our responsibility to make them grow better at a later stage.

  • Title: Pram Ang
  • Genre: Drama
  • Production: Kon Khmer Koun Khmer
  • Production Partners: Akasa Studio, OneShot Media, C32 Media, Fairyland Studio, Little Fingers Films, Cultures of Resistance,
  • Senior Associate Producer: World Vision Cambodia
  • Associate Producer: Major Cineplex by Cellcard
  • TV Partner: MyTV
  • Cinema Partner: Major Cineplex by Cellcard Online
  • Media Partner: Sabay Graphic
  • Design Partner: Siqnature
  1. Language: Khmer
  2. Subtitles: English
  3. Total Length: 80 minutes
  4. Production Year: 2013-2014
  5. Post-Production Year: 2015-2016
  6. Festival Premiere: 2014 - Cambodia International Film Festival
  7. Official Premiere: 2016
  8. Budget: US$25,000
  9. Box Office: (Unknown)

Producers: SUM Sithen, PHICHITH Rithea

Directors: PHICHITH Rithea, LY Polen, CHHORN Bunhom, HAN Wathanak, LIM Sipheng

Casts: NIN Sotheara, NIN Richard, DAVANN Ricky, POEU Samay, KIM Houy, SAN Sarak Oudom, SOU Zara, LIM Tech Mong, ENG Kim Chhay, ENG Sam Rithea

Project Summary of “Pram Ang”

A daring new project of five short films about five Cambodian children. Each reflects their lives’ diversity. The project is daring because it highlights a number of difficult situations that children in Cambodia can face, as well as the different dreams they want to achieve. This is the first time a Cambodian film production has undertaken such a project.

Therefore, by watching this movie, the audience can taste an innovative work of emerging filmmakers with creative talents, get entertained with diverse storylines and realities of children, as a little interesting group within the audiovisual field, and value their satisfaction in cash to encourage more works from our filmmakers.

Fact Sheet of “Pram Ang”

Given its difference from mainstream content so far, the producers are seeking for creative and mixed ways to promote the movie and sell tickets, as follow

Enhance Facebook posts on Pram Ang Page; Promote the movie through established Facebook Pages like Sabay, Dj Nana Tips, MyTV; Create interviews through MyTV with directors and main cast of the movie;

  • Create interviews through Sabay;
  • Partner with online media like KhmerTimes and print media like Cambodia Daily and Phnom Penh Post;
  • Pre-sell tickets online and walk into target places like NGOs, especially those that deal with children, banks;
  • Host a press conference a few days before the premiere to feed local media;
  • Offer special sales like discounts for bulk purchase of 20 tickets and above, on Mother’s Day (May), International Children’s Day (June 01), Press Conference Day;
  • Give away free tickets through guests to the premiere and to financially challenged NGOs and quiz for tickes;
  • Embed a message through the logo on balloons (TBC), as well as some other improvised, yet easy ways.


Director: Rithea Phichith

A boy has lost his mother and lives with a father who has recently re-married. This film deals with the supernatural, but its underlying message is that love can conjure up the impossible.


Director: Chhorn Bunhom

Pros Thomas has to outwit the Khmer Rouge guards to keep his younger sister and brother alive. Betraying the Khmer Rouge collective system, where everything is communal, he steals eggs for his younger brother, catches fish for his mother and cooks chicken in a teapot to fool the Khmer Rouge guards. He is an individualist amongst the communists, a color in the world of black clothing - a survivor resisting the all-seeing, magnificent and extraordinary revolution: a revolution that claims the life of his father, sister and countless relatives. Pros Thom is eight years old; the year is 1976. Cambodia is the land of the living dead, a hell on earth. Hope is faith. God is nowhere to be seen.


Director: Ly Polen

A young girl of the fishermen parents is said to be raped by a grown up boy, who is her boyfriend. Ever since, her fear puts her in silence. Until a day when a danger threatens her younger sister, she soon realizes that the only way to save her sister is to break the silence.


Director: Lim Sipheng

Vattanac is a nine-year-old orphan living on polishing shoes, from café to café. Every customer likes him for his personality. One day, he meets, Thom, a single forty-year-old businessman. Every time Vattanac polishes his shoes, he asks the man about his life out of curiosity. From a customer-to-supplier relationship, Thom and Vattanac eventually develop their friendship and beyond, given Vattanac’s virtue and intelligence.


Director: Wathanak Han

Longing to go to school, Veasna works in the field with his uncle, feeding cows. When Sophal leaves one day to go fishing Veasna spots a nearby classroom and goes to watch the lessons in secret. On a day when the unattended cows eat vegetables from a villager’s farm, Veasna is thrown out of his uncle’s house. He moves to live in a pagoda, and at last he gets to learn alphabets.


Sithen Sum, 35, Co-Producer

Sithen has been passionate about film since he was a child. Sithen was elected to lead Kon Khmer Koun Khmer in 2009 and has been producing and directing (short) films ever since as well as organizing film-related events for Cambodian youth. After a trip to Laos for a FilmCamp with his 4K colleague Rithea Phichith, Sithen decided to hold a similar event in Cambodia, in 2012, and twinned it with Chakomuk Short Film Festival. Both events have become 4K’s annual flagships ever since, up to now mobilizing thousands of experienced and emerging filmmakers to share and showcase their talents with each other and to the public.

After his resignation from the collective’s Presidency this year, he was commissioned to take charge of media relations for Memory Film Festival 2014, co-organized by Bophana Center. He now serves as 4K’s General Adviser, focusing on financing the team and strategizing growth plans.

He is also an active movie blogger at and works full-time for his business in Ahkara Translation and has set himself up as a media consultant since 2015.

Rithea Phichith, 29, Co-Producer/Director

After working as Assistant Director and Casting Manager for Davy Chou, the French-Cambodian filmmaker, at a workshop in 2010, Rithea has made several short films.

Rithea’s first film was “Boyfriend” (2011), a 15-minute drama. He went on to make “Chaos” (2012) which was chosen for the Yxin Film Festival in Vietnam, “What’s the difference?” (2012) and “Beautiful Heart” (2012).

He was selected to attend AseanRoK: FLY 2012 in Davao City, a filmmaking workshop by AFCnet, and shortly afterwards the 13 Little Pictures Film Labs during the Luang Prabang International Film Festival, Laos PDR. In February 2013 he attended a film-producing workshop organized by the Screen Authority Sapporo (SAS) in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

He has in addition recently completed work on two documentaries about Khmer culture.

He has also appeared on the other side of the camera, in Masahiro SUGANO’s short “Bopha’s Body” (2011).

Other work includes: “Angkor Angkor” (2012) as Assistant Director/Actor, “Tocteau” (2012), as Assistant Director, 2012) and “Kep Secret” (2012) as Sound Recordist/Editor.

Rithea has been Co-founder and Director of the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival, the first short film festival in Cambodia since 2012. From the to early 2016, he has undertaken a series of film projects, the last of which was “First, They Killed My Father”, directed and produced by Anjelina Jolie, as Assistant Director and Interpreter.

Polen Ly, 28, Director

Polen’s debuted film “Day 360” (2012) was selected for Chaktomuk Short Film Contest 2012. This was followed by his first short documentary “Daughter and The Palmae Blossoms” which won “First Runner Up” in the Human Rights Documentary Competition Cambodia in 2012 and was nominated for ‘Equality in Freedom Film Fest 2013 Kuala Lumpur. The same year, his second short documentary ‘Gone With The Water’, became the first place winner in SEADOCS competition Bangkok.

Polen continues his ambition by making his second short film, which was silent, “Iva” (2012),winning Best Screenplay in Yxine Film Festival 2012, in Vietnam. Following “Iva”, he continued to win “Best Short Film” at Chaktomuk Short Film Contest 2013, and ‘First Runner Up’ at Forum Film Festival in New York, including official selections to SEA Art Festival 2013 in London, England and Eastern Breeze International Film Festival in Toronto 2013.

In late 2013, his following short film “La Gravité” (2013) was selected to open the Yxine International Film Festival 2013 in Paris and made it to official selection to Cambodian International Film Festival 2013.

Early in 2014, his new short film ‘DUETTO’ has earned the ‘First Runner Up’ in the first Tropfest SEA in Malaysia, a few days before his new short documentary ‘The Spring Storm (A Daughter’s Scars) was selected in the finalist of Girl Impact The World Documentary Festival in Harvard United States. In February 2015, he won the top prize from Tropfest SEA in Malaysia with his new short film “Colorful Knots”, as he has long dreamed. Nowadays, he is documenting the biography of celebrated author of the 60’s and 70’s NOU Hach.

Wathanak Han, 36, Director/Cinematographer

Wathanak has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Technology (MIS) and began his involvement in the audio-visual field via the Khmer Youth Association (KYA) as Mobile Team Leader.

Since 2009, he has worked as a TV Program Producer in Southeast Asia TV, Cambodia, assisting/producing programs such as “Dialogue with Cambodian Eminent Persons”, “Technology News” and music videos.

He has also worked with, amongst others, Media Consulting & Development (MC&D), Probe Media Foundation (Manila) and Inter-Press Service (Bangkok).

Besides working as a photography and videography freelancer, he volunteers for Khmer Film Foundation as Lead Cameraman, and directed the promotional pre-event spots for FilmCampKH 2013. Recently, he has completed a short video with 4K called “Mother’s Blood”, which has gone viral among Facebook users.

Sipheng Lim, 26, Director/Cinematographer

Sipheng mostly makes film with special effects (VFX), 3D and CGI. Hestarted his career at SmallWorld and has volunteered at JCI Chaktomuk since mid-2012 as a photographer and documentary videographer. He has become JCI Chaktomuk’s Media Project Chairman 2013.

In late 2012, he founded his business in multi-media services, named Fairyland Studios, which attracted clients like CIMB Bank, Just Login, Ah-Pros Pub, C@Frog. After joining Kon Khmer Koun Khmer in early 2014, his debut film for the collective was “Forwards” an 8-minute dance video, in collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts, as part of Our City Festival 2014. His dream is to make feature action movies that appeal to both Cambodia and the rest of the world.

Bunhom Chhorn, 43, Director/Lab Manager

Hom migrated to Australia with most of his remaining family members after surviving the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge and Camp 32.

After college, Hom went on to work for SBS Television, most notably on assignment in Cambodia with Dateline. He remained in Cambodia for 8 years, where he Advised UNDP/TVK crews in the production of TV newsmagazines, focusing on women and micro credit schemes, birth spacing, rural development, De-mining, HIV/AIDS, and environmental issues. Other duties included training TVK staff on television program development, and how to seek funding. Hom co-produced a short Documentary “Have Gun, Have Problem” which was funded by The European Union as part of their Weapon Reduction Program. Over 250,000 Cambodian villagers viewed this important documentary on the dangers of weapons.

As well as producing educational videos on Water and Sanitation, Hom also produced three Cambodian Television series, two of which are still running 10 years later. One of these shows, “Cambodian Voices” was funded by NDI under the Madeline Albright fund USAID and AUSAID. Hom is currently completing his Masters in Public Relations (Behavior Change Communication) at USQ and works as a freelance sound recordist. He recently co-produced a feature documentary “In Search of Camp 32”, and was recruited to be Senior Producer of BBC Media Action (Loy9). Since September 2014, he’s been working as Media Lab Manager at Development Innovations Center.

Production and distribution milestones

  • September 2013 – September 2014: Fundraising + pre-production + shooting
  • September 2014 – November 2014: Post-production (editing, color-grading, sound-mixing, communications)
  • October 2014: Private screening with film experts
  • December 2014: Cambodia’s premiere screening during Cambodia International Film Festival 2014
  • January 2015 – February 2016: Sound editing for all the five shorts February 2016 –
  • June 2016: Promotional campaigns June 2016: Cinema screenings
  • September 2016: TV screenings
  • December 2016: Online release (TBC)