Kon Khmer Koun Khmer, (4K), is a collective of young, passionate and committed filmmakers, focused on film production and artistic event management. We work tirelessly to deserve the right to be known as the fourth generation of Cambodian filmmakers (4K).

"Pram Ang" is a daring new project of 5 short films telling the stories of 5 Cambodian children. The films will be linked by an extra section, involving all the 5 characters under the same circumstances, reflecting life’s diversity.

The project is daring because it will highlight a number of difficult situations that children in Cambodia can face, as well as the different dreams they want to achieve. Each of our directors have made their own unique short films. This is the first time a Cambodian film production has undertaken such a project to combine their talents into a feature film.


Introduction to our 5 short films

  • A MOMENT - By Rithea Phichith - Ignored by his re-married father, a middle-class boy finds his real mother in the other world.
  • VEASNA - By Wathanak Han - As an orphan, a countryside teen lives his uncle and aunt, who take his dream to be a teacher for granted.
  • PROS THOM - By Bunhorm Chhorn - Set under historical Khmer Rouge regime, a starving boy is sent to a killing field after being found stealing crops to eat against Angkar's order.
  • VATTANAC - By Sipheng Lim - The story follows a part of a shoe polisher boy, who proves his ingenuity to a middle-aged wealthy friend.
  • RED INK - By Polen LY - A countryside young girl swallows a bitter secret after she is known to be raped by her boyfriend.